«the planet is our main stakeholder»

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Galvanina group operates in the water bottling business, creating and producing organic and conventional soft drinks which stand out for their taste. For the constant quest for quality and maximum safety.
The mineral water bottling business founded a century ago represents the essential roots the group continues to build on.

For us, the environment represents a heritage to be respected
and protected in the present and future generations.


Our vision is to create good, authentic products which can ignite emotions and bring a good flavor to life moments. In doing so, we stand for Integrity, Passion for Excellence, Teamwork, and Farsightedness. Our values are integrated into all our choices, and our people share these. We are fully aware that the choices we make today and how we act will impact our future and that of the generations to come, and how our business is conducted is just as important as the results achieved.

Our Principles and Ethical Values.

The Code of Ethics was created to ensure that our fundamental ethical principles and values are clearly defined and form the basis of the corporate culture as well as the standard of behavior of all our employees in carrying out their activities.


The group has always acted to safeguard and develop the areas affected by its production activity. For this reason, we are constantly implementing actions aimed at developing a sustainable business model, while reconciling the achievement of satisfactory economic performance with the creation of social and environmental value.

Download our first Sustainability report

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