Galvanina owns its name to a source of mineral and thermal water known since ancient times. With over a century of manufacturing tradition, today Galvanina offers excellent products, organic and sophisticated, worthy of representing the true quality of Made in Italy in the world.

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The Spirits Business Tonic
& Mixer Masters
2021 London, UK

2019 London, UK

de l’Année
2018 France

Fancy Food
Sofi Award
2016 USA

Quality Food
2014 London, UK

Good Design
2011 Tokyo

For us, the environment represents a heritage to be respected
and protected in the present and future generations.


Olto's name is inspired by the musical term "Sciolto," which is the Italian for untie, set-free. In music, sciolto means light, free and easy, without strictness. The soul of Olto is all Italian. Like its key ingredients - Bergamot, Blood Orange and Chilli - which were harvested on the Italian coast. The brand has an Italian soul but is Made in the U.S.A.